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A Maineiac

Mainer = A person who stays in Maine for an entire winter.

Maineiac = A person who doesn't have the sense to leave Maine after the 1st winter.

Politically Correct Terms of Endearment

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Amphibian American -- frog
Aquatically-Challenged -- drowning
Biologically-Challenged -- dead
Caucasian Culturally-Disadvantaged -- white trash
Certified Astrological Consultant -- crackpot
Certified Crystal Therapist -- crackpot
Certified Past-Life Regression Hypnotist -- crackpot

Chronologically-Gifted -- old
Co-Dependent -- finger-pointer
Creatively Re-Dyed -- blonde
Differently-Organized -- messy
Differently-Brained -- stupid
Energy-Efficient -- off
Environmentally-Correct Human -- dead
Facially-Challenged -- ugly
Factually-Unencumbered -- ignorant
Financially Inept -- poor
Folically Independent -- bald
Genetically Discriminating -- racist
Grammatically-Challenged -- one who has difficulties with grammar or (by extension)
Gravitationally-Challenged -- fat
Horizontally-Challenged -- thin
Horizontally-Gifted -- fat
In Denial -- unaware that forgetting something obviously proves it happened
In Recovery -- drunk/junkie
In the Multidimensional -- zoning
Intellectually-Impaired -- stupid
Living-Impaired -- dead
Maintenance Hole -- man-hole
Mechanically-Challenged -- broken down automobile
Metabolicly-Challenged -- dead
Microslothicly-Challenged -- Windows user
Monetarily-Challenged -- poor
Morally -Challenged -- a crook
Morally-Handicapped -- someone who has no other reason to park in a handicapped zone.
Motivationally-Challenged -- lazy
Musically-Delayed -- tone deaf
Nasally-Disadvantaged -- really BIG nose
Nasally-Gifted -- large nose
Nitpicklike -- humor challenged
One Who is PC -- target
One Who is Not PC -- target
Ontologically-Challenged -- fictional or mythological The absolute root of all evil known
Osmotically-Challenged -- Thirsty
Other-Aged -- too old/young (dual purpose)
Outdoor Urban Dwellers -- homeless
People of Height -- too tall
Person of Region -- redneck
Persons Living With Entropy -- dead
Persons of Large Stature -- NY Giants
Petroleum Transfer Technician -- gas station attendant
Residentially Flexible -- homeless
Romantically-Challenged -- not with somebody at the moment
Rustically-Inclined -- redneck
Sanitation Engineer -- garbage man
Sexually-Focused Chronologically-Gifted Individual -- dirty old man
Socially-Challenged -- geek or nerd
Spacially-Perplexed -- drunk
Target Equity Group -- vocal minority
Uniquely-Coordinated -- clumsy
Uniquely-Fortuned Individual on an Alternative Career Path -- loser
Vertically-Challenged -- short
Visually-Challenged -- blind